on May 20, 2019 / by Dasro Consulting

Why use Staffing Firms

Why Companies Should Work with Staffing Firms

A search for the best talent may lead to the right candidate, but it often ends up leading nowhere, or worse, to a candidate who ends up getting fired or leaving shortly after being hired. The wasted time and effort can be discouraging, and the financial resources drained from the company in looking for the perfect candidate can be substantial. However, working with a staffing firm yields the opposite results: more time, less wasted resources, and a candidate who will fill the role well. 

Our work in the IT and Engineering fields means that we have the latest information on the best graduates from top programs and on currently employed individuals who may be willing to move companies for the right position. We are constantly networking, meeting people in our field of expertise, and we pass along the benefits of our work to our clients who are hiring. 

We have access to passive job candidates who may not be actively applying on the job boards you’ve been posting on for weeks in hopes of finding the right candidate. A staffing firm has access to a talent pool that companies cannot normally reach.

Additionally, a staffing firm can save your current HR team and manager’s time and effort looking for the right person. They can avoid having to post the position on various job boards, respond to emails and inquiries, sort through hundreds of resumes and CVs, read cover letters, and schedule interviews. A staffing firm does all of that work for you so that your people can focus on what they do best: developing the business and satisfying their customers. 

We take the time to learn about your company’s culture and specific goals. Only then do we conduct initial screenings to see if a particular candidate could be the right fit. Then your company can speak with the candidate to make the final determination.

Now, let’s talk bottom line: a staffing firm can prevent you from hiring someone who won’t be a good fit, which results in training dollars that are not wasted. Additionally, a staffing firm can help you identify someone with the right skills and experience so that you don’t have to spend money on extensive training. When the right person is hired and on-boarded, there is much less of a chance of the new employee jumping ship or getting fired soon after hiring. 

When businesses don’t want to hire full-time or to deal with all of the expenses that come with it, hiring temporary staff to fill immediate needs can save them money and help them to fill the slots efficiently and quickly, says Nicole Fallon of Business News Daily. Furthermore, productivity decreases when a position is open for a long time, which can cost the company more in the long run than hiring a staffing firm to handle the hiring process. A company can also avoid paying taxes and insurance for a temporary person hired through a temporary agency as the agency often covers those costs. 

Another benefit of working with a staffing agency is that you can work with a few different individuals in a temp-to-hire position so you’re not locked in to hiring one person. You have more of a chance to see how individuals do in particular roles than you would if you hired someone full-time right away. 

The cost savings and flexibility to hire the right person for the job are two of the most important reasons to work with a staffing agency to find your company’s next employee, whether temporary, temp-to-hire, or full-time.