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Staff Augmentation

In order to address certain limitations of Outsourcing, Staff Augmentation is looked upon as the ultimate answer for addressing issue of restricted capabilities. Staff augmentation allows a company to add staff as needed by the company for the length of a project. This way, a company does not have to worry about increasing their permanent human resource division.

Staff augmentation allows the company to directly monitor and control staff and performance of the team by managing them directly. The staff augmentation firm only provides the company with human resource, while a manger for the project directly controls them.

It also helps the employer to avoid cost of hiring new skills. It also helps companies to meet tight project deadlines.

Dasro offers staff augmentation for the below categories:

  • Web Development
  • Mainframe Programming
  • Business Analysis
  • Software Development and Engineering
  • Database Design, Development, and Administration
  • Systems Analysis
  • Network Engineering and Administration
  • Help Desk and Technical Support
  • Project Management
  • Technical Writing
  • Engineering

Our services include, yet not limited to the following areas of services:

Project Management

Running your business in a neck-to-neck competition requires credible information to reply upon, in order to outpace your competitors. Our project management group provides you with business automation and business intelligence. Whether you require a new business process to enhance your productivity, or design and implement new software, we offer expertise for enhancing your business output.

Business Analysis

With qualified analysts in our team we are able to offer our clients, a diversified business analysis services. We offer our customers a unique experience to help them look into the macro and micro environmental factors and identify risk elements, while also accounting for new opportunities. Our teams of analysts undertake extensive research to prepare feasibility reports for proposed opportunities and existing projects.

Quality Assurance

You would be unable to judge the mood of your customers, until and unless you place yourself in their shoes. This is why we have an in-house quality assurance team that works long hours to test your products and identify any areas of weaknesses.

Application Development

We have a team of professional programmers who are able to understand and analyze your products and determine costs for the development.


With the concept of “Big Data” getting popular, there is an increased focus on improving the networks within an organization to decrease down time. This is where our CISCO certified professionals offer competitive services in following areas:

  • LAN Management
  • WAN Management
  • WLAN Integration
  • VoIP Configuration
  • Network Consulting
  • Network Operations

We also offer customized MNS (Managed Network Services) for internal operations of a firm.


Taking the concept of “Global Village” a step ahead, we are able to provide our customers with outsourcing services while having a presence in the “Talent Rich” India. Whether you are looking to tackle business processes, marketing, or IT services, we offer outsourcing services for a wide range of sectors.

IT Outsourcing allows companies to outsource whole projects in order to save cost and added human resource. One of the major benefits for outsourcing IT projects is cost. Outsourcing to developing countries with rich IT talent helps to bring down costs of the project while being able to afford more human resource.

You are also able to hire a team of developers/professionals which is handled by the outsourcer, but who report to you for the length of project. Outsourcing allows companies with limited or unsufficient IT resources to tackle and work on projects that are beyond their skill set.

Virtual Employee

Dasro also provides “Virtual Employee” service to its clients. In this model, resources work from our India Office for our Clients in Canada. This model provides an opportunity to source niche skillsets for projects with fixed budgets at very competitive prices. Our 24*7 and On-call support model will enable Clients to meet any stringent deadline in completing their projects.

Access to a larger skilled labor market in India allows Dasro to expand its resource capacity at a short notice thereby meeting immediate and urgent needs of its Clients.

Dasro has proved to be instrumental in providing best in class services to its Clients thereby helping them to proceed with their initiatives in meeting the demands of their internal needs.

We could offer cost effective, high value resources to our clients, without compromising Quality. All our resources will be video surveyed and use Internet phone services so our clients have real time access to them.