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About Us

Dasro Consulting is a global technology company headquartered in Regina, Saskatchewan providing Information Technology staffing services and business solutions to a broad range of public and private sector clients in various operations such as: Banking & Finance, Telecommunications, Energy & Natural Resources and Healthcare.

Our team consists of talented and passionate professionals with a very broad background; knowledge and expertise. Our skills include Project Management, Business Analysis, Software Development, Software Testing, Networking, Helpdesk and Deskside Support. Our professionals work as a team with clients and apply their skills and abilities to resolve business challenges and help them achieve their vision.


At Dasro, we realize that each business is different in one-way or another from a competitor. This is why we focus on addressing your needs carefully. Dasro is headquartered in Regina, Saskatchewan. We work together with our clients, to help them achieve the best possible solutions for their business. We cover multiple industry sectors, which include Banking & Finance, Telecommunication, Technology, Healthcare and Natural Resources.

With our team of professional consultants, we are able to address a range of challenges faced by your business. All our professionals have a proven track record and necessary qualification in their respective fields. Some of our skills include Business Analysis, Project Management, Software Development, Quality Assurance, Software Testing, Support, Administrative Roles and Engineering.


Our mission is to provide the useful resources at the right time in order to expand our clients’ business potential and earning capability. We intend to become support pillars for our clients. With our commitment and hard work we intend to deliver superior solutions to our clients in the long term.


Dasro provide IT Solutions and Consultancy services that bend according to the needs of our customers and changing market trends. Some of the key areas of our services include but not limited to; Project Management, Business Process Analysis, Programming, Quality assurance, Networking, Help Desk and Outsourcing.



Dasro manages and channel technological resources to equip and transform your organization for the future. We communicate with your staff to meet deadlines and develop solutions that best suit your needs. Apart from helping you to achieve higher sales and a faster growth, we also help to improve your sales rank in the market and manage your production capacity according to the demand. Our advice and solutions addresses the needs of your business. We work with your team to establish cost effective measures for your business systems.


Our global resources provide our Corporate and SME clients in Saskatchewan with quality IT solutions and consulting services. Resources are delivered directly to our clients, or through other vendors. We also explore local, national and international markets for qualified resources through various channels. We offer staff outsourcing and staff augmentation due to our connections with less expensive labor markets.



Honor: We do the right thing no matter whatever the consequences may be.

Outperform: We intend to deliver beyond expectations of our clients.

Be Answerable: We take responsibility for actions of our team and individuals.

Strive: We put our energy, skills and enthusiasm to excel in the respective field and deliver timely.